Visit to 'Snehanir'

Visit to ‘Snehanir’ to see Health and Education Management for Challenged Children

On 26 June a team from Kumudini Welfare Trust led by the Principal of Nursing School & College Sister Rina Cruz visited ‘Snehanir’ at Rajshahi which is a home for the challenged and destitute children. The other members of the team included Kumudini Hospital Matron Dipali Perrera, three teachers from Nursing College and Senior Teacher of Bharateswari Homes Hena Sultana. ‘Snehanir’ is located at a place called Baganpara at Aliganj of Rajshahi. The institution is run by Christain Missionary ‘Shanti Rani Sangha’. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion the physically challenged and the destitute children are provided services there. The institution is funded by Italian philanthropists and was set up by Sister Gatrud Costa. During the visit the team found that children with sight disability, hearing disability, physically challenged, acid victim as well as normal destitute children are being looked after. The instuition is under the responsibility of Sister Dipika Palma. After completing her six years of training at Kumudini, Sister Palma took charge of ‘Snehanir’ in 2002. Sister Palma informed that those who are mentally and physically fit leave the institution after completing their studies up to Class V and the challenged ones leave after Class X. They then join their parents. Depending on situation many get the opportunity of higher studies from here. Sister Gatrud Costa is a neuro-specialist and a physiotherapist. She informed that the physically challenged responds better to physical exercises than medicine. The challenged children are made aware of their rights and steps are taken to unlock their potential. At the end of the visit the team was invited to a cultural programme. A discussion took place with the management of ‘Snehanir’, teachers and challenged students as well. The visit enlightened the team with the knowledge that the challenged are not a burden for the family or society. If the state and the society are compassionate the challenged can be an asset. •

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