Kumudini Women’s Medical College (KWMC) was established in 2001 within the hospital complex with a view to uplifting medical education among women. It offers a five year course leading to MBBS degree. At any given time there are around 700 students which include roughly 170 foreign students. It is a fully residential college inside the Kumudini Campus. It was the founder’s dream that has come true.

The Medical College along with the academic and administrative building, the hospital and the hostels are all situated inside a well protected campus. They are within walking distance of each other. This offers a very good environment for the female students which is a speciality of this institution. The overall security and discipline as well as academic atmosphere and learning facilities are matters of pride for KWMC. The medical college provides an opportunity for girls to get quality education and practical experience simultaneously. The doctors trained here are aware of their noble profession and live according to their motto’s ‘serve the society, serve the nation’. Kumudini is determined to address the dearth of female doctors in the country and in the process make doctors who are truly dedicated to the profession.

KWMC has started offering four year course leading to BDS degree. The Dental Unit of the Medical College has started functioning from 2012 with the first batch of 10 students.