During use of our website we collect and save your information in different times. Our principle goal is to keep your given information safe. We collect your information to only provide you the service that meet your needs. Your information is most valuable to us,we preserve your all information with most security. We don’t share your information to others.

There is some reason and way how we receive your valuable information and keep those safe:

  • We only use your name and other information’s which relates to you in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy
  • We will only collect information where it is necessary for us to provide you our best service
  • We ask for your information only if it is relevant to our dealings with you.
  • Your data and information plays a great role in our business, we don’t share or sell it to others.


In case you are worried about your information you have the right to request access to the non-public records which we may also keep or maintain. You have the right to require for us to correct any inaccuracies in your information free of fee. At any stage you also have the proper right to invite us to prevent the use of your non-public records for direct advertising and marketing purposes.